Classes are offered on an individual or group basis. For group classes, you can bring up to 2 friends and share the fee. Classes are available Tuesday–Friday at 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m., or 2:30 p.m., and Saturdays at 3 p.m.

30 min class $70 (after initial 1hr appointment)
60 min. class $110
90 min. class $180

(Rates include HST)

Payment accepted by e-transfer or cash as there is no debit machine.

Cancellation notice of 48 hours is appreciated.

Sitting, Standing, Sleeping

Learn how small changes in your daily movement patterns and positions can help or hinder how your body feels. After examining your individual muscular discomforts, we look at the changes you can make in the way you do your day. Is your car seat in its best position? How are your work ergonomics? Do you sit in your chair properly? Are you creating more muscle imbalances at the gym by overworking certain muscles and underworking others? Are you doing any stretching? Do you need to stop stomach sleeping? Are you carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder? Learn to use your body more effectively and you will have less discomfort. Create more awareness in the way you sit, stand and sleep, and feel the benefits.

Please call Janet at (807) 627-3212 to register.

Create Your Own Tool Kit

For adults and children

Everyone carries stress and tension in different parts of their body. No one has perfect posture 24/7, and some bad habits feel great at the time! Learn how to treat your specific muscular discomforts with the use of hydrotherapy (when and how to use ice and heat), self-massage (therapy balls and foam roller), stretching and strengthening. Learn how to prevent common muscle imbalances through various self-care techniques.

This is also a wonderful and empowering class for children and young adults. Children have muscle aches from backpacks, growing pains, sports and poor ergonomics at school. Not to mention gaming and texting! Creating better body awareness in children helps them to grow with better posture and to use their body more effectively. This is a fun and educational class for the whole family.

Please call Janet at (807) 627-3212 to register.

Massage Instruction for Families or Couples

If you’re very lucky, someone in your household will want to take this class! Massage can help ease the discomforts of sports and overuse injuries, growing pains, tension headaches and chronic pain conditions. Learn basic massage therapy techniques to help a loved one feel better without hurting your own body.

Please call Janet at (807) 627-3212 to register.